The Contagion Chronicles
  Episode One

 Episode 1:

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"It wasn't that long ago really, but living it makes it seem like ages. The Human race as we knew it changed forever. People became savages, nobody was safe. The grown ups call it The Contagion. Nobody really knows much about it. Airborne, transmitted through contact, bodily fluids, or just those unlucky enough to have bad immune systems. Death isn't the worst part though, it's the re-animation. Sometimes you can still recognize the faces of the familiars who've turned, through the rotting flesh and mangled corpses. If not for the fear of becoming one, you might even wish for death after seeing them. We finally made it though... best guess it's been almost a year since the outbreak. The rumor was Whispering Oaks was safe, that the cold kept the beasts at bay, and settlers had reclaimed an old mining town. It's almost unbearable though, no heat except what you find from small fires, and that's assuming you have enough kindling to burn through the night. The clothes on our back barely keep us warm - the creatures may not be able to get to us, but we'll most certainly die of frostbite. Of course, Dad might disagree on just how safe we are from... them. Mom and I made it though... Whispering Oaks, Colorado. Our new home sweet home. Maybe we finally get some peace... maybe."

                                                                                                                          Alice Kirkman, December 13th, 2013

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